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FKK-Strände rund um Ratzakli

There is no official naturist beach on the island of Kefalonia. However, habits were taken and naturism is now accepted if it stay discreet.
Found on the forums some people who say they have been subjected to police raids because they were naked on a beach, this information is very old and it is a bygone era.
Now, as long as you do a modicum of discretion, you will be admitted, especially on beaches that are listed below.
The beaches list can not be exhaustive because on the island of Kefalonia you can find hundreds of wonderful places where nudity will be naturally evident .

Mouda Beach

It is the largest and most beautiful naturist beach on the island.
To access from the main road, either you get towards the beach kaminia the entrance of Ratzakli, then you follow the path along the beach and you leave your car at the near the "Marina Bay" hotel , just before the road turns left to go back to the main road, either, being in Ratzakli, you continue towards Skala to find the path towards the Mouda beach down to the beach directly near the Marina Bay hotel.
You walk along the beach walk a few hundred meters to the Mouda Cape (left looking at the water). You have at least one available kilometer , we meet rarely more than a couple naturist every 100 meters even in the middle of August. The calm, the sun, the sea slopes gently with a cristal clear water, the dream ! No building behind the beach dunes only. This is an important breeding loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta), almost every summer night turtles leave the water to dig a nest and lay hundreds of eggs. So do not plant your umbrella in the dry sand at the back of the beach. By cons you can plant umbrella on wet sand because you will not come across a nest.
Access to the beach is forbidden the night to leave him alone turtles and patrols are made by volunteers of the association Katelios Group to protect nests, they erase the crossing traces of turtles so that curious do not destroy nests.



Skala Beach



Skala is one of the most popular resorts on the island. The beach is huge with plenty of sunbeds to rent the entire length of the beach.
To access the nudist beach, along the beach to the right overlooking the sea. After the pine path along the beach with a few bars and restaurants at the end of this path you can leave the car and continue on foot. You encounter huge rocks that seem to bar the way. You pass between the rocks. The naturist beach begins immediately crossed the big rocks.
In August it may be that you are forced to make a few hundred meters further because the place is so beautiful textiles that settled there with family. As there is no official naturist beach, it is better to go a little further to not offend these families. With few exceptions, the Greeks do not appreciate any nudity.


Koroni beach



Please note, since the summer of 2020 this beach has become inaccessible, the path that allowed you to go there cuts a private land in several places, and the owner prohibits access through his land. The court that was seized agreed with him. This beach is therefore currently only accessible by boat!

From Skala, after the village of Valeriano towards Argostoli, there is a sign indicating the direction of Koroni at left, follow the dirt road , and you will come to the beach . Leave the car in the parking , after the row of sunbeds at the end of the beach near the rocks, there is often a few nudists. In August it is a beautiful popular beach where it will be difficult to be naked without disturbing textiles. Outside of August is a very quiet little beach in a fantastic setting.


Sissia beach



From Skala, after the village of Platies (towards Argostoli), you will find a sign indicating the Sissia monastery at left(also indicated Sission), take this road where you will find a small new monastery with a church in good condition, continue through the path to the left of the monastery and you will arrive at the ruins of the ancient monastery of Sissia. The safest is to leave the car near the ruins to walk down the path that leads to the beach. If you owned a good 4x4 you could continue by car to the beach. (Note even with a 4x4 ascent can be difficult) You will discover a beautiful beach where you may be alone in the world. Again in August it may be that you meet other people, but you should probably be able to get you naked without problem. If you have the chance to discover empty, you will experience an intense moment in a ydillique. A few years ago this beach was difficult to access and that is why it was known as the "Paradisi" (paradise). Everyone can not go to heaven.

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